Ian Sights: Providing awesome photography for your needs.

Ian Sights

Photographer & Pixel Realignment Specialist

Ian has been a photographer since the solar eclipse of 1973 caught his imagination. Soon he was pointing his camera at all things celestial and earthbound. Adding scuba certification to his arsenal, the seas became his paintbrush as well. All sizes of cameras passed through his hands depending on the job at hand. He watched the dawn of digital photography as a student at the University of Missouri as Kodak, then Sony, Nikon and Canon developed better and better cameras. The first were not portable, tied to a computer by a cable, but soon they became real tools and film cameras were only brought out for special occasions.

Currently Ian is focusing his efforts on portraiture, showing on the outside, some of the qualities that are on the inside. Products and real estate photos are also easily accomplished with current, state of the art equipment.

Capturing the essence, revealing the truth in a photo is his goal. Where reality isn’t quite what is wanted, 20 years of Photoshop experience can give an assist. Give him a call and set up an appointment.